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The AFF course comprises, apart from a theory component, a series of jumps which correspond to different training levels. It has an accelerated progression which allows, obviously, to learn how to know and control the parachute and, most of all, to control the body in Freefall. The purpose is to make you the pilot of your vehicle, that is to say, of your body.

The theory classes have a duration of approximately 5/6 hours and can be given during the week.

With the course, you will learn all the basic freefall maneuvers. The course has a personalized instruction and consists of 8 levels (seven of which correspond to seven levels of evolution). In the three first levels, you will be accompanied by two instructors and by one instructor in the following four. The eighth level corresponds to the confirmation of all that has been learnt and, therefore, it is the first solo. Each jump is filmed so that the instructors may,later on, conduct a precise evaluation of the jump. The videos of the jumps are a fundamental tool for the training and, in the end of the course, you may purchase the DVD with all your levels edited for only 50€. All the equipment is state-of-the-art and respects the highest safety parameters.

Who is this meant for?
This course is meant for all those who intend to pursue an activity related to skydiving. You can start the course from 16 years (with parent's permission) and has no age limit, you just need to feel good physically, (medical form is required) and with a huge desire to have your own wings.




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